Packing Made Easy

Hobart Removalists offers packing services for your peace of mind. However if you want to pack yourself, here are some handy tips and tricks to make things easier.

Pack early

Packing always takes longer than expected, and you often find things you forgot about. Start sorting and packing at least a month before moving day. This will give you plenty of time to decide what to keep and what to pass on.

Pack room by room

Pack similar items together. By putting all the kitchen items in the same box, and all the bathroom items in another you will make things easier when it comes time to unpack. Having similar items together also makes packing simpler, for example packing glasses at the same time means you will have all the supplies at hand.

Label everything

Make sure each box is labelled. Whether that’s ‘books’, ‘video games’ or ‘kitchen’ – by labelling each box it will be much easier to find things in your new home. It also makes moving day easier, because we can place boxes in the correct rooms.

Create a ‘packing space’

When you start packing in earnest, it will help to have a packing station. Clear out a corner, or a room and set up all your supplies there. That way you won’t constantly be looking for scissors, or tape or the marker.

Pack light

Make sure that all your boxes can be lifted. Things like books and DVD’s are deceptively heavy. While a single book doesn’t weigh much, packing twenty or thirty in together can make a box impossible to lift. Pack heavy items in smaller boxes so you aren’t tempted to overload them, or half fill a box with heavy items, and fill the top half with lighter things.

But don’t pack air

Make sure all your packing boxes are filled. Maximise on space by packing smaller, soft items (such as t-shirts) in with awkwardly shaped knickknacks. By not packing air you are making the move quicker, and more efficient, while also protecting your items from being damaged by shifting around whilst they are in transit.

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